Leadership Programs

"Unyong is the ideal yoga teacher for executives.  Her yoga programs connect the lessons of yoga to principles of leadership and management in a compelling way.  I am delighted to include her sessions in many of our Executive Education programs at Georgetown's McDonough School of Business, where we strive to promote balance in leadership and corporate cultures.  Unyong's classes are a part of that effort."
Paul Almeida, Dean of McDonough School of Business, Georgetown University

Leaders are busy and stretched in many directions, with little time or energy for self-care.  This can lead to stress and burn-out.

In Stress Burner Yoga sessions on Yoga Team Building, Executive Wellness Skills, Centered Leadership, or Warrior Wellness Tools, Unyong teaches a new paradigm: the power of the smallest elegant tweaks of habit that can yield maximum stress reduction and vitality.  She has learned what gives the "biggest return on investment" for minimal effort and time.  Small tweaks of habit can be significant.

She offers classes and workshops at off-site organizational retreats and conferences at Airlie Conference Center, and has worked at Carter Hall Conference Center and Salamander Resort and Spa outside Washington, DC. 

She also has widened her reach through live private or group video conference sessions through the I FLOW project and can work with groups or organizations. 

"We co-founded a nonprofit with the mission to incubate social innovation in Tibet. Unyong recently led a highly effective group session that provided insight into group dynamics, trust, and communication. The response from our participants was greatly enthusiastic, especially in creating a space to discuss ideas around leadership. We highly recommend her trainings!"
Losang Rabgey, PhD and Tashi Rabgey, PhD
Machik Co-founders, Executive and Strategic Directors

No matter the stage of ones career or level of flexibility, leaders can gain a powerful edge and greatly benefit from yoga principles, expanding ones toolbox. 

In Stress Burner Yoga sessions, there are plenty of moments of laughter, insight, and excitement about what you can do both on and off the mat, glimpses of new ideas about energy, body, mind, spirit, accessible tools for handling stressful moments, and activities for increasing awareness and intuition. 

One Executive Director said a year after their Yoga Team Building session, "We have been quoting you all year!"

Leaders can begin to internalize the somatic learning that takes place and create an internal space of calm, creativity and power that flavors their entire being. They discover the grace and ease that comes from dynamic relaxation versus stressful effort.  They learn skills for interdependence and teamwork, getting help and giving help.
Yoga poses and breathing hold metaphorical lessons on leadership principles.  The iconic Warrior pose requires a strong grounded stance, on the spot, a straight, strong back supporting an open heart, arms extended in a straight line of energy, shoulders relaxed and open, vision focused into the distance, and then... a smile!"