• We will have eight weekly live, concise 30 minute group sessions online with Unyong and a member of her team, via video conference; two sessions of the eight will be problem-solving labs for hands-on work together.

  • NEW!  Each person will have two one-on-one 30 minute focussed sessions with Unyong


  • We will have two months of 30 minute follow-up sessions twice a month.  These will be hands-on problem solving labs on the Art of Integration.  This follow-up will be crucial for applying the new skills in real world situations. 

  • You will receive video recordings as well as audio only so you can review the sessions at any time.  If you have to miss one class, no problem, we will make sure you have the recording.   

  • You will have access to the larger I. F.L.O.W. community on Facebook to post questions, breakthroughs, and celebrations and connect to their rich insights and experiences.

  • BONUS GIFT for first 10 registrants: One 30 minute discovery session with a Stress Burner Yoga team member to help you identify your key stress triggers and what you would like to shift during the program.  

Do nothing and nothing changes. 

Invest now and start your course correction to your desired level of vitality, joy and effectiveness in life and work.

Your investment in yourself deeply impacts others who are now impacted by your dire need for relief.  Your friends, family and colleagues will notice the positive differences, as they have done for past students.  

Nurture yourself.  It's fun, easy and elegant.

Your well-being is priceless.


Your investment is $1000.00.**

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** Discount of $900 if you bring another person

** Full-time teachers, students, small non-profit staff, combat veterans and first responders $497

** Payment plans available by request. 

**Scholarships available by request

"My [GCCA] team loved Unyong's unique approach and 'IFLOW' sessions, which addressed our pain points and offered practical, achievable solutions that really helped de-stress our virtual team workplace [working from five continents]. I'd highly recommend Unyong for either one-on-one coaching or for group sessions for teams at risk of overwork and burnout."

--Antonio Hill, climate and development policy analyst and campaigner, former Executive Director of Global Call for Climate Action (GCCA)

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I FLOW clients

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Mental Martial Arts for the 21st Century: 

The I. F.L.O.W.* Project

The trimtab is a powerful metaphor from Buckminster Fuller: in order to change the course of a huge ocean vessel, you must move the trimtab, a small flap of metal which turns the rudder, which then turns the enormous vessel.

The I. F.L.O.W. Project works for individuals and  groups.  It can work for an organization, or network of busy social change workers to create small but significant shifts toward well-being and flow.  Contact Unyong about how to bring the I. F.L.O.W. Project to your organization or group.

*What does I. F.L.O.W stand for?

I -- Identify stress triggers in your daily life

F -- Flow versus Clench, feel the difference in your body and mind

L -- Leverage the stress triggers, habits and challenges you have right now

O -- On-the-spot tools help you release Contraction and experience Flow

W -- What works, what doesn't in creating a habit?  Tweak and adjust.

Buckminster Fuller, inventor and visionary, is an inspiration with his Trimtab principle on small but significant shifts, see below.

​​The synergy of many minds thinking together arrives at better solutions than one single mind alone, no matter how brilliant.

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New Group Sessions forming


I FLOW 2  (for I FLOW graduates)

Contact Unyong  to be involved or if you want to customize your own group.

An amazing human rights activist who heads an innovative and compelling non-profit said she hadn't gone on a vacation in years and years, much less have time to go to a yoga class or lunch most days.  Her health check-up showed she was suffering from multiple chronic stress-related conditions.

Another powerful advocate and leader of her constituency said that she felt enormous guilt spending time with her young children and not on the Cause. 

Another said she was growing angry and frustrated that no matter how hard she worked, there was always more to do, and never any pause to celebrate.  There were always unending demands in environmental conservation work and constant battles.   She questioned her abilities to keep going.

All were burning out.  They were getting thrown by their work challenges.

It doesn't have to be that way. 

Heart-centered positive change agents deserve to THRIVE!

The I. F.L.O.W. Project (formerly known as the Trimtab Project) offers an empowering new paradigm for self-care: we can train in on the spot tools that it can take very little time or effort to create significant change in one's well-being, outlook and energy.

This project is ideal for healers, educators, activists and leaders, to reduce burnout from chronic stress, and instead, to experience joy, ease, flow and synergy with others.

Through a 30 minute weekly live, group video consultation, clients will learn ways to unleash maximum joy, vitality and effectiveness to use with the challenges or stresses we face daily that can throw us.  One person described the I. F.L.O.W. Project as "cognitive karate."

Students learn key skills and their strategic application in daily life.  These ancient and cutting edge practices are practical, proven, and powerful:  yoga stretches, breathing, mindfulness, postural correction, quantum principles, and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) /Tapping to help change the course of one's "vessel," easily and elegantly. 

One becomes a mental martial artist.

Instructor:        Unyong Kim

Registration:      Contact Unyong