Stress Burner Yoga Mission Statement

Through both ancient and cutting edge principles of mindfulness, meditation and yoga, as well as next generation practices for rebooting stress in a quantum universe, Stress Burner Yoga provides tools and skills to help groups and leaders create sustainable habits to be healthy, joyful, vibrant, uplifted, creative, centered and fulfilled. 

Students learn to practice what one person described as "cognitive karate" in the face of stress triggers.  We learn to leverage what life holds in order to become more resilient and effective, rather than passively reacting to circumstances.  Stress set-points change, as challenges become opportunities to learn and to practice mindful release.

Stress Burner Yoga students enjoy that slight edge, --the one degree shift, --that continual renewal from a yoga mind-set provides, and so, they bring yoga off the mat and into life, where it matters most. 

​​What is the difference between 211 degrees Fahrenheit and 212 degrees, the boiling point of water?

One degree.   Small but significant. 

Stress Burner Yoga's mission is to help people make subtle but powerful changes that create maximum shifts in our daily lives, beyond the mat, with a minimal investment of time or effort.

These small shifts can mean the difference between suffering a migraine headache, high blood pressure or debilitating back pain, and enjoying dynamic relaxation; between having a stressed organization full of edgy, reactive people and a creative one full of inspired, vigorous people. 

We can go beyond the flat-earth thinking that says we need a yoga mat and an hour to gain massive health benefits.  A small tweak of personal habits that can be done in seconds, can yield transformational outcomes on the yoga mat and off, to help leaders, teams and organizations manage daily stressful challenges with creativity and ease.

This young Tibetan boy has a twinkle in his eye and exudes joy, as does 97 year old yoga master, Tao Porchon Lynch, at right.  This is the way we naturally are.

Gratitude produces peace.