Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or Tapping, is a remarkable, but simple, cutting-edge self-help healing method of tapping key acupuncture points to reboot one's energy system.




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Remarkable healing for Rwandan young people, orphaned by the genocide. (5.5 minute video)

Remarkable healing for wounded warriors, returning veterans of military duty. (3.5 minute video)

Battletap:  An EFT website for military veterans

Research studies on EFT on a wide range of issues

The Tapping Solution  A very accessible, how-to book on EFT/Tapping by Nick Ortner, an expert committed to making EFT widely known and used, and The Tapping Solution documentary he made of the same name which follows the journey of a group of people over a weekend of tapping.

Tapping into Ultimate Success  Pamela Bruner and Jack Canfield, two success experts offer a guide to eliminating emotional, energetic and practical obstacles to success using EFT.

Basic Tapping Points diagram

Watch a powerful 7 minute video overview by EFT founder, Gary Craig.