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Stress Burner Workshops 2022-23!

We are teaching live and in-person for the first time since the pandemic in a new, workshop offering, hosted by Artistic Director, Ariana Myers, of the Warrenton Ballet Center. 

Let's leave behind the things that weigh us down, and shed the baggage, physically, mentally and spiritually going forward.  Let's lighten up!

This workshop will offer tools you can use on-the-spot to transform stress to flow.  We will be learning proven stress management skills helping us physically, mentally, emotionally.  We will discover how to integrate them in life beyond the workshop.  Even one idea adopted and habituated can be transformative of stressful habits, aches and pains, and feeling low or disconnected.

Included in the contents will be some combination of Energy Medicine, Foundation Training, Stress Burner Yoga tools and integrating them with mindfulness in daily life, meditation; Quantum Power Practices, Five Buddha Families of Tibetan Buddhist psychology and Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping.  

Instructor:         Unyong Kim

Location:  Warrenton Ballet Center, 484 Blackwell Rd, Warrenton, VA 20186

Saturday, 4/29/23: Women and Men’s Workshop (ages 18 and up)

Click on links below to register:

Per workshop fees:

Solo adult $50 

Adult + child $70

Adult + 2 children $85

Warrenton Ballet Center (WBC) community *discount:

WBC Solo adult $45

WBC Adult + child $65

WBC Adult + 2 children $80

Stress Burner Tips for Busy People book $15 (signed copy, limited quantity, pick up at the workshop)

*Full-time teachers, students, firsts responders and combat veterans may use the discounted rates above.

If you register for more than one workshop, receive 10% discount on the additional one.

Contact Unyong to let her know about yourself, your interest and goals.  


Stress Burner Yoga results:

"I have been in chronic back pain since 1969.  After following Unyong's instructions to do a few minutes of specific back stretching in bed each morning, after just one week, the pain had lessened to pre-1969 days.  I felt like I had a new body!"

--Jeanne H., home care worker and grandmother     

"Just left the doctor-- 
I no longer need blood pressure meds!! Woo hoo, I thank you for that!!!!" 
--Sandy Gray Murray, Hawkmoth Arts, ceramic artist

"My friend Unyong Kim is a modest super talent of the highest caliber.  She has a special blend of wisdom, humor and light and can catapult your well being.  I trust her completely."  
--Shari Goodwin, CEO, Jaeger2, Strategies for Success

"After three classes of Stress Burner Yoga, I began to notice where my type A approach was creating unnecessary stress for me, so I began cutting it out.  It has really made a difference in my stress level." 
--Dr. Katharine Ayres, physical therapist

Airlie Conference Center

"I have had back pain for years from being in a car collision when I was 16 at 55 miles per hour, and doing very physical work each day, so I have been doing yoga on my own for years.  Since taking Stress Burner Yoga class, I have learned that I may have been doing it wrong and hurting myself.  With all the corrections and adjustments, I feel so much better when I practice." 
--Jason Murray, winemaker, Arterra Wines

Read more student results by scrolling to the bottom of the page here.

"Although I have ridden horses for many years, after a few bad experiences I became extremely fearful of riding any more as an adult. The fear was so pronounced that I would begin trembling at just tacking up a horse.

One day a friend suggested that I take a couple of her horses out for a spin with my daughter.  I had always said, No, maybe another time...I had too much anxiety to try to work through and therefore was missing out on having some great fun! 

But since taking Unyong’s class, I was able to release that fear, and become grounded again.  A wave of calm and quiet confidence had washed over me and I was right in synch with the horses, the day, and my daughter. There was no fear at all.  We had a lovely, and relaxing time, just as I had always wished. 

Since beginning Stress Burner Yoga classes this year, I have found myself able to handle stressful situations like this with more spaciousness and calm.  I have learned many tools for on the spot use, which I use many times a day, so there are now many stories like this one.  It feels good to know that there are ways to manage my life without always reacting with stress or internalizing it.  I have referred many people to Unyong's classes and would love to have more friends and loved ones enjoy the benefits as well."
Shannon Marie Davenport, Hollin Farms

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