For Veterans

"I use it all the time."

"I'm a disabled veteran with severe PTSD.  I've had terrible mood swings, sleeping problems, I couldn't concentrate on anything for very long and my anxiety was really starting to be a major issue everyday.  I needed to get in front of this.  I felt like it was running my life instead of me running it.  I've been really looking for help and the VA is just not there for me.  After taking some Stress Burner Yoga classes I feel like a new person.  I use it--especially the tapping and relaxation breathing--all the time, every day."

--Ben V.

"It's changed my life."

" I used to be skeptical of yoga, until I decided to try it for myself.  I work full-time in a high-demand job that requires frequent international travel and have an 18-month old daughter.  About 6 months ago my husband began a one year deployment and I knew I needed to take time to do something for myself.  I started doing yoga once a week with Unyong, and it's changed my life. 

Not only have I seen physical benefits (my chronic back pain has significantly been reduced and I now have a healthier physique) but I've also seen emotional and mental benefits as well.  Unyong expertly demonstrates how we can apply what we learn in class to real life situations. 

I use the breathing and meditation techniques daily, and I feel better equipped to handle stressful life situations by looking at them with a "yoga mind."  I've even found myself doing lengthening and stretching exercises while I'm putting my daughter to sleep in her crib!  Taking yoga classes with Unyong has been one of the best things that has happened to me.  I would highly recommend it to everyone - especially the skeptics!" 

--Kendra C.

Remarkable healing for wounded warriors, returning veterans of military duty. (3.5 minute video)

Battletap:  An EFT website for military veterans

Vets Yoga offers a yoga dvd designed specifically for vets at 50% off.

Bootstrap  A home-based program designed by vets offers a 10 week course for stress management, which includes yoga and meditation, offered free to service members or vets.

Yoga for Vets lists 500 yoga studios offering 4 free classes to vets.

Warrior Wellness Solutions provides holistic, and integrative health and wellness training and education to Wounded, Ill, and Injured service members and their caregivers within the active, reserve and veteran components.  They also offer free online yoga videos for vets.

Veterans Yoga Project is a non-profit organization whose mission is to support the mindful use of yoga therapy to aid recovery and promote resiliency among veterans, their families, and their communities.

Boulder Crest Retreat is the nation's first privately-funded rural wellness center dedicated exclusively to our nation's combat veterans and their families.  We are committed to improving the physical, emotional, spiritual and economic wellbeing of this remarkable community of heroes, and ensuring they have the opportunity to succeed in their new mission - a life of passion, purpose and service - here at home.

All Stress Burner Yoga programs are offered to active duty veterans at half the fee.  Contact Unyong.