Pablo Casals, the master cellist, was asked at age 91 why he still practiced.  He replied, "Because I keep improving."

Creating yoga habits that are quick, winnable and doable, empowers people to make greater changes in life toward overall health, change that is sustainable over time, not a short-term project, but a life-long core value.

A small daily habit can snowball as we begin to gain an appetite for health, harmony and connection.  

Through short daily practices, the impossible can become possible, just as water smooths the stone and wind carves the mountain.

"The best kind of yoga is the kind you will do." ‚ÄčErich Schiffman, author, yoga teacher

On Daily Practice

Start a home practice with any yoga pose or breath that resonates with you. You will want to do more of it.

Learning how to practice in a way that both nurtures and challenges us, making adjustments as needed, will keep daily practice vital and relevant. We can cultivate a life long relationship with practice that grows and deepens, like a marriage, and is joyful and fun!

By breaking yoga principles down into very simple practices, tools and rituals, we can practice in every moment.

Gratitude is a powerful yoga practice rather than a feeling, that we intend for positive, neutral and challenging things.  It is said that gratitude is the closest we get to source energy.

Yoga can be like a drop of peaceful dye in your life--it colors everything with joy, lightness and good energy.

Wave and ocean:  we are both individual and the whole.

Getting older is inevitable.  Getting inflexible in body, mind or spirit is preventable. (3 minute video)

We can marinate our daily lives in a peaceful, centered approach rather than looking forward to only one peaceful hour a week in a yoga class.

Yoga practice can bring knowledge more into synchronization with experience, just as one can read about flying an airplane and know how it works without being able to do so, one can know how to reduce stress and relax without being able to do so. 

Yoga is ancient wisdom for a modern world: yoking body, mind and spirit to the Universal. 

Using the stress triggers of life as prompts to breathe out and relax is a way to integrate yoga into one's daily life. Checking messages or waiting in traffic are opportunities to breathe.

Connecting with a personally compelling, vivid reason for regular yoga practice is key to sustaining it, so instead of "I need to be healthier," "I want to be healthy and active all my life, and be able to play with my grandkids."

Anyone who can breathe can benefit from yoga.  Breath is a portal to peace, relaxation and life force, which we can access at all times.

Our Philosophy

Yoga is a lab, demonstrating lessons and principles for use off the mat.

Yoga principles applied in life off the mat will mean the most to you

Yoga is energy hygiene for modern life against the many stress triggers in our lives.  Like brushing our teeth, doing short practices daily gives long-term benefits.

Relating to yoga practice as a means for tuning into one's deeper intuition, to universal energies, the divine, or anything that one calls that-which-is-greater than our small individual selves can be a compelling reason to continue.

Yoga teaches dynamic relaxation: finding the right level of effort for grace and strength.

Yoga practice with a balance of challenge and gentleness is where the most benefit comes in the long term.

The purest form of yoga is meditation-- the practice of being here and now and connecting with the true sky-like nature of our minds.  From that space comes lightness, grace, ease, joy, wisdom and compassion.

You have the perfect body for yoga.  We are all beginners taking our next step as this inspiring 5 minute video shows. 

A key part of practice is to bow to it, be grateful, no matter how it was that day.