Overcoming blocks to getting to Stress Burner Yoga classes or workshops:

In an effort to make our programs accessible and to unleash your resourcefulness here are a few ideas:

  • If a friend registers for regular classes with you, you get a free class (value $20).
  • Friends can check out a first class without risk, paying for that class only if they decide to continue and register.
  • Prorations for whole sessions are possible if you know in advance you are going to have to miss classes.
  • You can do make-ups within the course of the session at any Stress Burner Yoga class when possible.
  • You can make up a class by getting a friend to go to class for you (you could gift or be reimbursed by the friend).
  • Let's be creative! If you don't see a way to afford a class, let's brainstorm: explore a barter, or exchange of services, the possibilities are boundless and we are all rich in resources when you broaden the definition.
  • Contact us for more information

Reduced Class Fees:

Stress Burner Yoga reduces class fees for:
  • Veterans of Active Duty Military and their immediate family
  • Humanitarian Relief Workers and their immediate family
  • Teens and full-time students who attend with a parent
  • Those in job transitions
  • Contact us for more information

Private Group Classes Available:

  • Social change groups
  • Community Groups
  • Service groups
  • Fundraisers
  • And More
  • Contact us for more information

Stress Burner Yoga results:

"I had always been active, running and working out, but had bouts of debilitating back pain.  My doctor had told me, 'The jelly's come out of the doughnut,' referring to my discs, and recommended spinal surgery, which I declined.  Though I had been skeptical, I was now more open to yoga, so I began doing stretches that Unyong recommended each morning and now feel fine, even lifting heavy things.  I'm happy to have been able to avoid going under the knife."  --Professor Paul Almeida, Senior Associate Dean, Georgetown University, McDonough School of Business

"I have been in chronic back pain since 1969.  After following Unyong's instructions to do a few minutes of specific back stretching in bed each morning, after just one week, the pain had lessened to pre-1969 days.  I felt like I had a new body!" 
--Jeanne H., home care worker and grandmother      

"Just left the doctor-- 
I no longer need blood pressure meds!! Woo hoo, I thank you for that!!!!" 
--Sandy Gray Murray, ceramic artist

"I've been doing a lot of that breathing stuff at work, and I had my lowest blood pressure in 20 years, 120/70."  --Robert Lee, DC lawyer

"Once I started my daily yoga practice major health benefits followed.
Migraine attacks became less frequent and if a migraine attack started to occur ujjayi breathing would sometimes stop the attack." 
--Justy Holt, ice-hockey player

"After three classes of Stress Burner Yoga, I began to notice where my type A approach was creating unnecessary stress for me, so I began cutting it out.  It has really made a difference in my stress level." 
--Dr. Katharine Ayres, physical therapist.

"I have had back pain for years from being in a car collision when I was 16 at 55 miles per hour, and doing very physical work each day, so I have been doing yoga on my own for years.  Since taking Stress Burner Yoga class, I have learned that I may have been doing it wrong and hurting myself.  With all the corrections and adjustments, I feel so much better when I practice." 
--Jason Murray, winemaker

"The way you teach yoga is so simple yet it has such a HUGE impact upon our lives!  I love the way you refer to it as taking it off the mat.  I now understand that it's not about showing up for 1 hour a week to be mindful of my body and mind, but it's all about a life skill to be more open and accepting of my life and the events in it."    
--Paula Dierkes, mother of five sons

"Stress Burner Yoga emphasizes taking yoga off the mat.  Applying yoga principles has helped improve my ice hockey performance, including a major improvement in my skating, so that I can quickly come right back up after being knocked down, thinking of Warrior pose!  It's great considering most of the players are about half my age!  Yoga is part of my life now; I want to be that 60 year old guy that can still play ice hockey competitively in a rec league."
--Justy Holt, ice hockey enthusiast

"You've helped me so much, the more people are exposed to you, the better the world will be.  My husband says I'm a lot nicer." 
--Julie Freeman-Moore, mother of four and spouse of Army Major with multiple deployments.

"Unyong excels at helping her students identify simple ways to incorporate yoga into daily life--recognizing stressors and counteracting them with a yoga moment.  She connects yoga to real world experiences in ways that are memorable and practical, like the unbendable arm.  She is excellent at teaching groups with mixed levels of experience and finding common ground, and she exudes a sense of calm and warmth that is reflected in her teaching style.   I left every class feeling physically looser and mentally lighter than I arrived.  If everyone could take her class, the world would be a much calmer place!"
-–Paula Murphy, DC lawyer

"Unyong has been an inspiring Yoga instructor. I had never taken Yoga, before I met her. She has encouraged us to not only learn stretches, breathing techniques, and poses, but more importantly, to integrate these into our daily home routines. I am now able to call on relaxation techniques to de-stress work and commuting than before I began learning from her."
-–Julie Bruns, Project Manager

Open Class Schedule through Fall 2014

Programs in Marshall, VA:

Stress Burner Yoga Class

Programs in Falls Church, VA:

Video Consultation:

 Stress Burner Yoga Class

In this  ongoing class, you will launch and or deepen your connection to yoga and learn best practices for integrating relaxation and ease 24/7.  You will learn to tweak your practice along the way so you can enjoy a sustained, beneficial yoga practice, both on the mat and off.  

As one student said about Stress Burner Yoga's approach, "It's great to feel so relaxed in class, but it's ten times better to take it into life."

If you have thought about starting healthy habits for self-care, but are discouraged by past attempts, and can never quite find the time or energy, you will learn how to start simply and easily, without guilt.  You will learn a powerful skill, Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping, and principles for managing habits of self-sabotage so you can stay on track and enjoy your journey!

This is the first tip you will learn: Come with a buddy and start building your own yoga tribe!  You'll be setting yourself up for success by coming with a friend or friends with whom you can enjoy mutual support, encouragement, inspiration and fun!

Instructor:         Unyong Kim

Location:           Marshall Community Center, Dance Studio
                     4133-A Rectortown Road, Marshall, VA 20115

Registration and fees:   
$50 for 5 class package to be used in 6 weeks  
$185 for 10 class package to be used in 12 weeks
$25 for Single class

Contact Unyong
 to let her know about yourself, your interest and goals.

Child care:        Available by reservation for $5/child  

Items to Bring:  Your own mat, optional: block, strap and blanket or towel

Day / Dates:      Fridays starting 9/12/14

Time:                6:30-7:30pm 

New Men's Stress Burner Yoga Workshop dates!  (Ages teen and up)

               The first Men's Stress Burner Yoga Workshop, May 31, 2014                                                                 Peter Baverso, guest instructor
Take a life changing challenge!   This workshop is suitable for men wishing to save their lives from the destructive impact of chronic pain and stress. Gain the benefits of yoga practice and learn specific empowering tools for relieving stress-related health issues, (e.g. headaches, high blood pressure, insomnia, digestive issues, aches and pains).  

You will learn ways to: 
1) integrate what you learn to continue benefitting you beyond the workshop; 2) take away concrete tools so you can manage stress to stay healthy, active and strong; 3) learn a powerful energy technique to re-boot on the spot around stress.  Beginners encouraged.  Everyone has the perfect body to benefit from Stress Burner Yoga.  Come with buddies!

You may sign up for either date, but both are strongly encouraged to maximize your benefits.

  Unyong Kim, owner of Stress Burner Yoga 

Guest Instructor: Peter Baverso, certified Foundation Trainer, a powerful new, method for rehabilitating ones overall health and ones spine by activating the posterior muscle chains (i.e. in the back).  Peter works actively with veterans and others through Semper Fidelis Health and Wellness.

130406-A     Sat     9/6 1:30pm-3:30pm        Falls Church City Resident: $40/ Non-Resident: $50

130406-B     Sun      10/26 1:30pm-3:30pm        Falls Church City Resident: $40/ Non-Resident: $50

130406-C      Sat, Sun     9/6, 10/26 1:30pm-3:30pm        Falls Church City Resident: $70/ Non-Resident: $80

Registration:       Click here or call 703-248-5027

Location           Community Room - Falls Church Community Center, 223 Little Falls Street, Falls Church, VA 22046

Stress Burner Yoga Workshop (Ages teen and up) 

Do you love yoga, but can’t get a home practice started and still feel under stress the minute you get off the mat? Through individual, paired and group activities, games and yoga poses, we will focus on how to create quick and simple, new habits that help you take the mindfulness, peace, flexibility and alignment of yoga off the mat into our daily lives 24/7. We will explore different themes related to stress reduction each month. This is both an alternative to weekly classes and also complements any yoga class that you are already taking. All are welcome!  

One new student had this to say after the workshop:  "I want to do more!  Thank you for one of the best two-hours of my life!" --Audrey Whittington, former yoga skeptic

For July's workshop, the theme is "Warriorship, Courage and Building your Tribe"

Instructor:           Unyong Kim
Special Guest:     Justin Blazejewski, combat veteran, Marine and yoga teacher
Registration:       Click here or call 703-248-5027
Location           Dance Room - Right (Falls Church Community Center, 223 Little Falls Street, Falls Church, VA 22046)
340403-B               Sat           7/26           1:30pm-3:30pm        Falls Church City Resident: $40/ Non-Resident: $50


Are you a leader, educator, health professional or activist who struggles with finding a way to make self-care a priority becasue you can't find the time and energy?  Here is a new approach!  In these monthly workshops we will learn ways to integrate self-care into our busy lives seamlessly and elegantly.  Each workshop will have take-aways to use immediately in life to reduce both acute and chronic stress.  Workshop themes will be in this order:  Effortless Effort, Synergy, Gratitude Practice, Self-Love/Compassion.  Sign up for individual monthly workshops ofr all four in the series.  Thsi can be a good complement to any yoga class that you are already taking.  All are welcome!  

140401-A      Sat      9/20   1:30pm-3:30pm        Falls Church City Resident: $40/ Non-Resident: $50
140401-B Sat      10/18   1:30pm-3:30pm        Falls Church City Resident: $40/ Non-Resident: $50
140401-C      Sat      11/15   1:30pm-3:30pm        Falls Church City Resident: $40/ Non-Resident: $50
140401-D      Sat      12/20   1:30pm-3:30pm        Falls Church City Resident: $40/ Non-Resident: $50
140401-E               Sat      all 4 1:30pm-3:30pm        Falls Church City Resident: $150/ Non-Resident: $160

NEW!  Stress Burner Yoga Workshop for Adult and Child (Ages 8-12 and adult) 

Life can be stressful for families.  Using games, poses, stories and other fun activities, you and your child will learn skills to calm the mind, recharge the body and be helathy and joyful.  Workship themes will be in this order:  Being Thankful, Super-Hero Powers, Peaceful Warriors, See Things Upside Down! Sign up for individual monthly workshops or all four in the series.  Fee includes one child and one adult.  We encourage coming with buddies!

"My sons were fighting and crying intensely before we had to go somewhere. I sent them out to the car ahead of me, and by the time I arrived a couple of minutes later, they were smiling and laughing. I asked what had happened and my older son (age 8) said, he remembered what he had learned in yoga class about breathing when mad or sad, and calmed himself down. Then he taught his little brother (age 6)!" -A happy and surprised Yoga Mom 

      Hillary Horn

Location:        Falls Church Community Center, Community Room 
                   223 Little Falls Street, Falls Church, VA 22046

Registration:    Click here or call 703-248-5027

Activity #          Day                   Date                       Time                                                     Fees
140408-A Sun 9/14 3-5pm Falls Church City Resident $30/ Non-Resident $40
140408-B    Sun 10/5 3-5pm Falls Church City Resident $30/ Non-Resident $40
140408-C    Sun 11/2 3-5pm Falls Church City Resident $30/ Non-Resident $40
140408-D    Sun 12/14 3-5pm Falls Church City Resident $30/ Non-Resident $40
140408-E    Sun all 4 3-5pm Falls Church City Resident $110/ Non-Resident $120

Stress Burner Yoga Mixed Level -- PM Class (Ages teen and up) 

This class is suitable for both new and experienced yoginis who want to learn concrete ways to use yoga techniques to lower the stress “set-point,” and manage challenge with joy in this different kind of yoga class. We will focus on ways to bring the mindfulness, peace, flexibility and alignment gained from yoga practice into our daily lives, leveraging one peaceful hour in the week to 24/7. This is a good complement to any yoga class you are already taking.

Instructor:        Hillary Horn

Location:          Falls Church Community Center, Community Room
                         223 Little Falls Street, Falls Church, VA 22046

Registration:     Click here or call 703-248-5027

Activity #          Day          Dates                          Time                       Fees
140404-A         Wed         9/3-10/22* (7 classes)       7:45pm-8:45pm       Falls Church City Resident: $120/ Non-Resident: $130
140404-B         Wed         10/29-12/10  (7 classes)    7:45pm-8:45pm       Falls Church City Resident: $140/ Non-Resident: $150
*no class 9/24

Stress Burner Yoga Group Trimtab Project (via video)  

Are you a leader, educator, health professional, or activist who struggles with finding a way to make self-care a priority because you cannot find the time and energy?  This program is designed for very busy people who wish to reboot their stress responses, targeting the key daily stressors which cost the most vitality. We will meet in in concise video sessions and you will have action steps for the week, in a supportive video learning and practice group.  

Contact Unyong if registering, to share more about your purpose and goals.

Private sessions available.   

Instructor:           Unyong Kim

Registration:      Falls Church registrants Click here or call 703-248-5027
   All others Contact Unyong.

Activity #          Day           Dates                          Time                       Fees
140405-A         Wed         9/3-10/8 (6 classes)       noon-12:30pm      Falls Church City Resident: $120/ Non-Resident: $130 
140405-B         Thurs       9/4-10/9 (6 classes)       9-9:30am            Falls Church City Resident: $120/ Non-Resident: $130 
140405-C         Mon         9/8-10/20 (6 classes)*     8:30-9am               Falls Church City Resident: $120/ Non-Resident: $130 
*no class 10/13

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