About Hillary

Bayfield, WI

Hillary discovered Stress Burner Yoga in the early 2000's when she and her kids attended a family class taught by Unyong Kim.  Yoga has helped relieve neck and back pain she had suffered for over twenty-five years during a high-stress career as an organizer with social justice organizations and non-profits.  Stress Burner Yoga techniques have also helped her deal with ADHD, anxiety and cancer in her family.

As a Peace Camp staff member, Hillary has been trained in conflict resolution and peace education by Little Friends for Peace.  With a background in Environmental Studies, and as an Arlington Regional Master Naturalist, Hillary has volunteered with elementary school students in outdoor learning programs and believes that reconnecting kids to nature is an effective way to counter the stress of our fast-paced, digitally-dominated culture.

Hillary received her 200 hour Registered Yoga Teacher certification from the Hari-Om Yoga School in Costa Rica.

“As the mother of two teenagers, I feel especially called to help middle and high schoolers who are feeling an incredible amount of social and academic pressure. I want to share the mindfulness, meditation and yoga practices that have been so helpful to me personally. Stress Burner Yoga techniques help all of us remain calm, become resilient and grateful, and stay happy. We have tools that build self-esteem which is critical in efforts to prevent teen suicide.”